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3 " Statue Magnet---Rectangle Salt & Pepper
6" Statue Magnet---Round Stick Pin
1912 Model T Marble  Stitch Kit by Adams
1917 Model T Van Matchbook  Stuffed Animal
1923 Chevy Van  Music Box  Sun Catcher
Bank Metal Sign B & W  Tin
Belt Buckle Metal Sign---Color  Tie Pin
Belt Buckle---Silver Mirror  Tie Pins
Calendar Mug---B & W  Thimble
Clock Mug---Red  Tape Measure
Crumb Sweep Mug---5 and Dime  Tie Tack
Dollhouse Nipper Needle Tin---New  T-Shirt
Frosted Glass

Needle Tin---Old

Wood Box
Gold Foil Nippers Nipper as Mickey TakeMe Back to Home Page
Golf Ball Paul Anka Pin  
Hat Pencil Sharpener  
Hat---Corduroy Photograph  
Keychain---Black/Gold Pocket Protector  
Keychain with Clock Postcard---B & W Visit The AnswerSleuth™ 
Keychain---Red  Postcard---Color  
Lenox Salt Shaker Postmark---1952  
License Plate Puzzle  
Limoges Box RCA Dog License  
Limoges Box 2 Record Cleaner
Magazine Ad Serving Tray